I am Robin Schroer, also known as sulami. This is my blog, where I discuss various topics, mostly related to software development, but occasionally also others. I am a *nix guy by heart and mainly write Python, Haskell, Elixir and Clojure. I have been contributing to the Linux kernel as well as writing an X11 window manager and I generally like experimenting with code.

I also love puzzles/contests, so here are some I have completed:

  • Project Euler 1–100 (And a bunch more)
  • The Eudyptula Kernel Challenge
  • The Matasano Crypto Challenges
  • Hacktoberfest 2015–2017
  • Advent of Code 2015-2017
  • The Monad Challenges
  • The Deadlock Empire

Apart from that, I am in the 94th percentile of Functional Languages on HackerRank, using Haskell, and in the 95th honor percentile on CodeWars, using mostly Haskell and Python. According to keybr, my typing speed (using Colemak) is in the 95th percentile with an average of 93 WPM.